Since December 2002, Ecoplaya Hotel & Villas have been home of Eco-Wind the unique and more advance windsurfing centre in the Costa Rican pacific ocean and this season (2011-2012) is our sixth season in the area and our expectations are really high.         

This year you have the change to take advantage of the excellent natural conditions this area offers for windsurfing while staying in the best Hotel in the north pacific area. You can enjoy the sailing while the rest of your family happily soaks up the sun, takes a dip in the pool or takes a boat trip out the nearby Bolaņos Birds sanctuary Island.


The centre located only 30 meters from the beach, offers the latest (2004- 2005) models) from JP Australia, and Neil Pryde. For those of you thinking about trying this wonderful sport for the first time, the term here and now is the key. With the Hotelīs gently sloping beach and waist deep water up to 200 m from the shore, conditions couldnīt be better, specially since we uses the latest teaching boards from Bic the Nova, a board designed with stability and ease of use in mind itīs also easy on beginners with itīs rubberized deck.
As you can see, we offer the best conditions and facilities for you and your family, See you on the water.....











1 Hour


3 Hours


1 Day


2 Days


3 Days


4 Days


5 Days


6 Days


7 Days


 Season: Summer (December to April)
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Phone: 506 8873 4800

Beginner lessons

1 Hour


― Course (4 hours)


Full course (8 hours)



Absolute beginner course: $30 per hour per person including gear (minimum 2 people). Private lesson is $40 per hour. Lessons are scheduled depending on wind conditions and reservations. Average amount of time to successfully end a beginner course is 5-7 hours.

Gear Rental

Kite rental

$45 all day

Kite board rental

$15 all day

Life jacket

$3 all day


$5 all day

Season: Summer (December to April)
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Boards specifications: (Type of board) (Brand JP Australia)

Around 76 litres:

Wave/ Freestyle Wave

Around 100 litres:

Freestyle / Freeride

Around 84 litres:

Wave/ Freestyle Wave

Around 120 litres:

x-cite ride

Around 95 litres:

x-cite ride

Around 200 litres:

New School

The sail specifications: (Type of sail) (Brand Neil Pryde)

3.3 - 5.0:


5.7 - 6.2:





RX 1

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